5 Minute TYover

Fresh Look

You can get Fresh with us! Our 5 Minute TYover: Fresh Look brings a wash of subtle, shimmering color to your makeup routine that’ll never go out of style. CLICK HERE TO SHOP THIS LOOK.



Sculpt & Highlight

Start by sculpting, contouring and illuminating your features with the 2 Minute TYover.

TyTy Tip: Find your ​Prime Contour Area ​by placing two fingers at the tail of your eyebrow and do the Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Crawl down the side of your face, stopping just below your cheekbone.

Get Cheeky

Swipe Cheek In A Stick in the hue Sexy Hot Flash ​to your cheeks using your index finger to dab and blend.

TyTy Tip: To find the apples of your cheeks for easy blush application, purse your lips together and make TyTy’s, “Oh, really though? He did what? Oh hellll no…” face and watch your cheeks pop up  

Step Up The Smize

Apply Eyes In A Stick in Sand Dollar $igns ​to your upper eyelids and blend with your pinky finger.


TyTyTip: Want more edge? Define those brows with Ménage À Brow.


Smack 'Em

Next, amp up those lashes with a few quick coats of Smack My Fat Lash.

What Lipstick?

Set off your look with What Lipstick? in the shade Younger Man. Now you’re ready for anything that comes your way!

Pop It Clean

Don’t take your look with you to dreamland. Makeup removal is just a pop away with Pop It Clean.