5 Minute TYover

Fierce Look

Fierce in a flash — that’s what you need right now! Our 5 Minute TYover: Fierce Look gets you smoldering in minutes! CLICK HERE TO SHOP THIS LOOK.


Sculpt & Highlight

Start with the 2 Minute TYover to sculpt those cheekbones and highlight your fiercest features.

TyTy Tip: Find your ​Prime Contour Area ​by placing two fingers at the tail of your eyebrow and do the Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Crawl down the side of your face, stopping just below your cheekbone.

Get Cheeky

Swipe Cheek In A Stick in the hue Sexy Hot Flash ​onto your Prime Blush Area and dab-dab-dab and blend with your index finger.

Go Blold

Next, go for it with Eyes In A Stick in the shade Blold and apply it to your upper eyelids, into the crease of your eye. Give your eyes a quick dab-dab-dab with your pinky to blend.

TyTy Tip:  Want more color? Layer on the shadow to intensify your Smize.


Smack 'Em

Swipe on a few coats of Smack My Fat Lash. Layer for intensity!

What Lipstick?

Last but certainly not least, grab some What Lipstick? in Ask For A Raise ​and own the room!

Pop It Clean

<Yawn> Another day of being fierce has come to a close. You ready to hit that pillow? Remove that makeup with Pop It Clean.