2 Minute TYover

Highlight like the sunlight in this summer edition.

Contour, glow and go in 2 minutes or less! Let the 2 Minute TYover: Sunlight define your features with a beautiful wash of warm radiance. CLICK HERE TO SHOP THIS LOOK.



Sculpt & Define

First, find your Prime Contour and Highlight Areas.

Find your Prime Contour Area  by placing two fingers at the tail of your eyebrow and do the Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Crawl down the side of your face, stopping at the hollow just below your cheekbone.

Starting at your cheekbone near the center of your ear, swipe Sculpt In A Stick along the line of your Prime Contour Area ​and blend.

You can also apply Sculpt in A Stick along your jaw line to slim and define the bottom of your face. Use it along your upper hairline to minimize a large forehead.


Next, apply Light In A Stick in the shade Glow With The Flow directly on top of your cheekbone, along your Prime Highlight Area ​and blend.

Apply Light In A Stick to your Cupids’s bow and along the center of your nose, to amp up your inner glow.

TyTy Tip: For more defined cheekbones, don’t be afraid to layer it on and keep blending!

Pop It

Done glowing for the day? Take it all of with Pop It Clean!